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Our assignment

Nordic gender equality cooperation has continued for over 40 years and has produced good results. Nevertheless, many challenges remain to create a sustainable future. Through continued Nordic cooperation in the field of gender equality, we can learn from each other and help increase gender equality in the region.

Nordic information for gender knowledge, NIKK, will contribute to such shared learning by strategically supply research, policy, practice and other relevant information on gender equality and gender equality work in the Nordic countries.

Responsibilities of NIKK:

NIKK will:

  1. Gather and strategically disseminate research, policy, knowledge and practice in the area of gender equality in a Nordic and cross-sectoral perspective.
  2. Represent MR-JÄM in various forums and has a particular responsibility to disseminate information about MR-JÄM’s work.
  3. Assist MR-JÄM, EK-JÄM (Nordic Committee of Senior Officials for Gender Equality) or the Presidency by coordinating activities and projects and support these by sharing its expertise, experience, contacts and communication channels of relevance to the Nordic cooperation.
  4. Contribute with ideas and material for new prioritisations, activities and projects in connection with the development of Nordic sector, action and cooperation programmes within the field of gender equality.
  5. NIKK may accept assignments from the rest of the Nordic Council of Ministers provided additional resources are allocated.
  6. NIKK administers MR-JÄM’s funding scheme The Nordic Gender Equality Fund in accordance with applicable guidelines.

Guiding NIKK:s operations are also the priorities that are set in the Nordic cooperation program for gender equality 2019-2022 and in the sector programs for gender equality each year.

NIKK’s current mandate extends through 2022.