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Our history

Nordic Information for Gender Knowledge (NIKK) was previously called the Nordic Institute for Gender Knowledge and before that the Nordic Institute for Gender and Gender Research. The institute was founded in 1995 and was a cross-Nordic knowledge center for gender research and gender equality in the Nordic countries.

NIKK initiated, coordinated and carried out projects with the aim of highlighting important gender and gender policy issues. This included research projects, investigations, overviews and reports.

NIKK was located at the University of Oslo and was funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers. NIKK’s task was to provide a bridge between Nordic gender research and Nordic gender equality policy. NIKK’s activities took place in active dialogue with the Nordic Ministers for Gender Equality (MR-JÄM) and the Committee of Officials for Gender Equality (ÄK-JÄM).

NIKK contributed to the implementation of the Nordic cooperation program for gender equality: “Focusing on gender is the goal of an equal society (2006-2010)”.

In 2011, the Nordic Council of Ministers decided to restructure NIKK from a Nordic institute into a Nordic cooperation body.

In 2012, the contract was announced as a Nordic cooperation body in a bidding round. The goal was to further develop the information assignment and to include the administration of a Nordic funding scheme for gender equality and to act as project secretariat. The tender round was won by the University of Gothenburg and the National Secretariat for Gender Research, where the operation has been located since 2012.